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Providing Everything You Need For a Better Life!!

Gua Sha Massage

Face Yoga

  • Face Message Techniques to remove wrinkles, dark circles, marks, pimples.

  • Daily skin care routine

  • Home made facial for glowing skin

  • Easy to make skin and hair packs

  • Skin refreshing fruity cubes

  • Face yoga to sharpen the face, and get rid of double chin and extra face fat

  • eyes exercises to improve vision

  • Head and foot message with pressure points

  • Bonus - Lot of skin and health care advices from our own kitchen

  • Bonus Zumba Session

Twist Pose


Program that helps you to find optimal health naturally with the help of yoga and meditation.

Live your life to the fullest by taking charge of your mental, physical, emotional wellbeing.

Say good bye to BP, sugar, thyroid, pcos/PCOD, Harmonal Imbalance, Migraine, and extra kilos .

Meditation Class

Meditation & Pranayam



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